Scarlett O'Hardy's

Gift Shop

Scarlett O'Hardy's museum gift
shop has an extensive collection of 
memorabilia both old and new.  From
time to time, duplicate items 
in the owner's private collection are
offered including difficult-to-find
retired pieces.



A minimal number of retired Hallmark GWTW ornaments are available.  Other retired items include greeting cards, puzzles, a spoon set picturing Scarlett and Rhett, posters, gift bags, and vintage LP record albums.





If you are a collector of stamps, the museum stocks various GWTW - related stamps including the Margaret Mitchell 1-cent postage stamp issued on June 30, 1986, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Miss Mitchell's novel.  Individual 50th anniversary movie stamps issued March 23, 1990,
are available.  The 32-cent book stamp included in the "1930s Celebrate the Century" series is available in mint-condition packaged sets.

If you are searching for an out-of-print copy of
the novel, Scarlett O'Hardy's may be the place
to find it.  Out-of-print books relating to the 
novel and its author as well as the motion picture and its stars may be available, but the selection is limited in all areas and varies from day to day.

The gift shop has an excellent selection of editions, both foreign and domestic, of Gone With the Wind and Lost Laysen by Margaret Mitchell, and Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley. Autographed copies of Rhett Butler's People  by Donald McCaig are available.

Autographed copies of GWTW-related books by the late Herb Bridges are available.


Available in the gift shop are bumper stickers and spoons.  You will find a variety of vintage GWTW paper dolls, 8X10 and 11X14 stills and mint-condition, out-of-date calendars.  A limited number of stills and prints with original signatures by Cammie King as "Bonnie Blue Butler" and Mickey Kuhn as “Beauregard Wilkes” remain.


The gift shop has one remaining unframed poster of Cammie King as Bonnie Blue Butler, a souvenir from Tara in Texas 2003.  It is #89/150.  The original painting is by Artist David Doherty.



To purchase gift shop items, please e-mail the museum at or telephone 903-665-1939.

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